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Individually, we bring our unique perspectives to reimagine how knowledge is shared. We can improve lives by empowering our employees, customers, investors, and businesses.


Join one of the many teams that are dedicated workforce bringing smiles to our customers every day. Choose from various roles, most with shifts and schedules that work with your life, so find the one that’s right for you and begin your Kalox journey today.

Web developers create functional, user-friendly websites and web applications. They may write code, develop and test new applications, or monitor site performance and traffic. Front-end developers focus on the user-facing side of their work, while back-end developers make websites functional and secure. Full-stack developers handle both front-end and back-end tasks.

Operate film and video cameras to record images or scenes for television, video, or film productions. On the job, you would: Compose and frame each shot, applying the technical aspects of light, lenses, film, filters, and camera settings to achieve the effects sought by directors.

Video Editors are professionals responsible for taking the raw footage shot by a film crew and director, then turning it into one cohesive video or film. The Video Editor must follow an outline, script, and special instructions about what should happen in each scene.

We are hiring male and female professional presenters fluent in English with excellent reading skills. We need a creative, committed employee who creates a positive difference. As a presenter, you must be able to handle all forms of content script and execute it for post-production.

Content editors are responsible for researching, proofreading, and publishing both traditional and online media. They analyze readership data and develop content strategies to increase user engagement. Content editors also fact-check articles and ensure proper spelling, grammar, and syntax in outputs.

A Motorcycle Courier is responsible for the speedy and safe delivery of items to their destination. Sometimes, you may have to wait for another package to take away with you. Motorcycle Couriers usually get delivery information from a company’s website or an app.

A Graphic Designer is an artist who creates visual text and imagery. They design creative content for online campaigns, print ads, websites, and videos.

Marketers are persons who promote an organization’s products and services. They figure out the strategies that can boost sales and revenue while ensuring they align with the needs of the customers and the market demand.

A product photographer is responsible for capturing images of products for E-Commerce websites  and advertising purposes. Product photographers work with brands to create images representing the product.

A secretary is an administrative professional who plays an integral role in business and other organizational environments. Secretaries are typically the individuals who maintain and organize office tasks, implement procedures and carry out additional administrative duties, depending on the nature of their employment.

A Customer Service Representative works with clients who have complaints, orders, or require information about products/services purchased from the organization. They also provide solutions that fit those individualized situations and prioritize the customers’ needs at each step of the process. organization. They also provide solutions that fit those individualized situations and prioritize the customers’ needs at each step of the process.

An Office Assistant’s responsibilities include taking customer calls and delivering messages using essential office equipment like faxes or scanners. They help maintain files to keep track of important documents, organize travel arrangements, manage supply inventory, Clean the office, and perform data entry as required.

A Delivery Driver, or Carrier, is responsible for transporting packages and other goods from a mail facility to a personal or business address. Their duties include loading goods, using navigation tools to arrive at the right address, and delivering parcels to the correct address.

Content Editor responsibilities include writing blog posts and marketing copy to promote our products and services. Proofreading, re-structuring, and editing articles by content writers and updating our website and social media pages with new content.

Why Kalox

We aspire to be as vibrant and dynamic as the communities we serve, as inquisitive as those who use our platform, and as revolutionary as the future we strive to open for everyone.


When people feel supported, everyone benefits. We know that digital marketing doesn’t just happen in Africa; we’re dedicated to making it a reality. We’re building teams as diverse as the people who use our platform. That way, we learn to see things from every perspective.


Learning is who we are — inside and out. We’re so motivated to continue to open up marketing worldwide because we recognize the power it has for us at Kalox. We never stop evolving, and neither do you.


At Kalox, we’d instead share knowledge with those who need it most. We improve the lives of our customers, using our talents to empower them.

Our unique and valuable customers buy from Kalox for many reasons –the guarantee, the quality, or the originality. As one of Africa’s largest e-commerce platforms, we provide affordable products to make entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone.

Come Build the Future with Us

Our mission is to boost Africa’s economy through the digital market by striving to delight our customers and make their lives easier, one innovative product, service, and idea at a time.

Our mission is to boost Africa’s economy through the digital market by striving to delight our customers and make their lives easier. The scope and scale of our mission drive us to seek different perspectives and be resourceful. We invest and deliver excellent service that makes life easier for our customers and boosts our daily growth.

By working with our potential customers, we build a solid future to fit in the world’s digital marketing space. Are you ready to be inclusive, curious, and revolutionary? Come and build a better future with us today.

Meet our Teams

We’re Africa’s leading e-commerce company that takes shopping from shops to online platforms with enormous impact. With sales and marketing, we want to play significant roles in boosting Africans’ lives and opening space for opportunities.

Our people choose to join us at Kalox Store for many reasons –the mission, the culture, or the opportunity to grow. We are opening the space for everyone to involve in digital marketing with new ideas and skills.

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