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Get to Know More About KALOX STORE Below

About Us

Get to Know More About KALOX STORE Below

Kalox Media Company

Kalox Media is a group of companies offering a wide range of services in digital media. Our business model encompasses buying, learning, streaming, hiring, renting, and sharing various forms of content online, utilizing the latest technologies to enhance these processes.

We pride ourselves on our dedication and depth of knowledge and focus on fulfilling our clients’ specific requirements. Our mission at Kalox Media is to reimagine how knowledge is shared and make digital marketing a reality across Africa.

We firmly believe in the power of digital media to improve lives and empower individuals. One of our core values at Kalox Media is inclusivity. We wholeheartedly believe that when people feel supported and empowered, everyone benefits.

Obai Davis Kalokoh

CEO & Founder

Talented people are everywhere, but opportunities can be challenging to find. With Obai Davis Kalokoh (CEO and founder of KALOX MEDIA COMPANY LIMITED) – A Sierra Leonean – was able to start a new career and a new life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Kalox allows everyone to buy, learn, stream, hire, rent, or share what they want online more effectively.

Meet Our Creative Team

James B. Collier

Managing Director

Qistina Collins

Content Creator

Kai Ngaujah


Hassan Koroma

Head of Media

Fred Kings

Web Content Editor

Chris Omar

Product Photographer

Lynda k. Koroma

Advertiser & Marketer

Kate Bright

Customer Service

Yusif Sesay

Sales Representative

Wisam Halfida

Web Content Writer

Emmah B. Conteh

Advertiser & Marketer

Abu Bakarr M. Bangura

Web Content Writer

Dennis Alpha

Web Products Editor

Kelvin Martin

Web Designer

Abu Bakarr Kargbo

Content Manager

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(030) 472 - 640

available from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

471 Bai-Bureh Road, Rokel, Freetown, Sierra Leone.


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